Monday, June 29, 2015

50 years in colour..

This week I have been to Hadeland Glassverk to see a
Kaffe Fassett exhibition - 50 years in colour.
This was a different exhibition than the one I saw in Bath last 
year. There it were mostly Quilting items,here it was quilting,knitting ,paitings and 
Most of mine photos are of his Quilting work... I love the way he use colours,and 
manage to "forget" if there are some "not perfekt" pieces .... 
Quilters as we are,my friends and I ,we startet to look and find some of our favorite designers in his works. We have been working in a Quiltshop and know some old fabrics. My friend found a lot of Roberta Horton fabrics,and I found old Debbie Mumms... They are our nr.1 favorite designers from that "old"time :-) 
I hope you will take some time and look at this great quilts. 

I had to take photos of some of his pillows ....
And some knitting... My mother use to make tapestries ,and this made me think of some of her pattern. 
It was a great summerday,this are the view outside Hadeland Glassverk.
.... I have done a little stitching this month June blocks of Natures Journey are done. 
For July I will make the big senter block...
Of course I had to buy some new Kaffe Fassett fabrics,and dig out my old one and start to play with them... I have a lot going on in my sewing room... It is a mess,but I hope to show more of my items soon. 
Untill then take care . 
 Hugs :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Norway in bloom

PThis summer has been cold,but I have not seen so many colorfull flowers.
Her are the ditch of the road wher I walk fore some shooping. A yellow thie of Dandelion.
Here are more flowers from a ditch. I was on my way to visit a friend who has her birthday to day (!) 
And started to pick some Lilly-of-the-wally,but there was only a few,so I started to pick some of all the flowers I walked by... If you want the names I give you them in Norwegian here (LOL) ; smørblomst,forglemmegei,jonsokblomst,stemorsblomst...and one ore two more...
Trysil,where I live,are well known for all its slalom skiing in wintertime.  
Now there has been made roads in the montain for biking. So now 
It is old ,colorfull bikes all over the town. On the brigde ,even in the floodligth. 

Here are one of the floodligths...
It made me wonder if ET had been on a visit,or if someone had gone on Road 26 to heaven..
I had a little more for a birthday pressent for my friend then flowers,
I made this tablerunner for her... After her wish.
For me Gretchen,Magda and I made this little tablerunner. It is a pattern from the Norwegian magazine My Quilt. Great to do something with this funny -why did I buy this - fabrics...
The three of us did a lot more sewing and quilting....but as ursul I have not done the bindings...
So hopfully there will be a new blog with more to show soon.. 
Untill then have a great summer/ winter... 
Hugs :-)