Sunday, September 30, 2007

Patchwork of the nature.

The colours in the nature was just great some days ago.It seems not long ago since it was just light green and now at fall all the beautiful warm colours sparkels in the woods and the gardens.To day it has raining hard and the wind has been blowing heavy. so it want last for long.....soon all the trees are standing without any leafes at all....Just waiting for the snow and the winter.
The rowan in my garden has turned even more red.
On thursday I went to a meeting in one of my quilt clubs.Kristin Pollen was invited to talk about how she work and play with Japanese fabrics.It was great to see what she has been doing.
This is a part of a house quilt she has made. Abyquilt has shown a lot more of Kristin's work on her blog. Just take a look.
This weekend I went to Oslo to vist my to daughters. We went out to do some shoping on saturday. But it didn't last long....The weather was just terrible, it was blowing and raining and so cold that we just want to stay in doors. But we manage to hurry up and visit KatrinesQuiltestue .And I fond something I just needed. :-)
Some christmas fabrics from"Christmas Past"made by Moda,and a pattern from CinderberryStitches named "The Secred Garden" It has some sweet birds on it. I just loved it and hope to been able to stitch it soon.
When I went to Nemo she had some new pattern for me ,called "Little stitchies" from Bareroots. The two little candle mats are made with wool . but I'm going to use felt. I don't know where to get wool felt in Norway. I bought a lot of colours of felt from Panduro .
At last I want to show you a great work of Nemo. She has made " Love Is"a Rosalie Quinland Design in her own colours. I think it looks just great. We manage to make it ready to quilt. Great work Nemo. ;-)

To day I have been lazy....I have only been reading in "Round Robin" one of the Elm Creek Quilts Novels. So if I have not been doing any quilting I have been reading a lot about it. :-)

Have a lovely evening. :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blue Sky

I love it when the world are dressed up in yellow,brown,orange and lots of warm green. It is all my favorite colours.This rowan stands in front of my house.Every fall I use to look and see if there are lots of berries on it.There is a saying about the snow and the berries...Some people says: mutch berries -little snow...And others says mutch berries -mutch snow....I don't know, but this year there are not any berries at all - so it will be either a lot of snow or non at all... :-) The forrest are turning yellow now. I think it is just great.Look at the wonderfull blue sky.There are nothing so beautifull as a high autumn sky- and the snow are gone by this time. :-)
This week I have been trying to do some crochet. I have not been doing that for many years. But when I saw these pin cushinons and the baskets in a Japanese book I just had to give it a try.I used Japanese fabricks cut in a 1/4 " strip and a crochet - hook size 7.Quick and fun.To day I have made me an angel.She is my new house angel, but she has no name yet...
It is from Tilda one of her new items , called Vintage Angel. The angel are big, 49 cm tall.
So it was not easy to get a good photo of her. She hangs in the window guarding every body in this house. My own guardening angel.......not bad at all. :-)

Have a lovely day and make your own guadening angel happy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello from King Winter.

Here are my favourite collours. May Britt asked to show our favourite time of the year...and mine are Fall.I love the blue sky and all the beautifull warm collours....and the sun.
It looks almost like this....I only wish there were a little more red and orange ......
But not as it was to day...King Winter came suddenly ,long before he was expecting to be here. It was to soon, the last time it was snow it was 14. of june. I can't remember the summer beeing so short.....I hope it will be some beautifull days when the snow dissapere....Now ,by evening the snow are gone in my garden....
It looks beautifull.....but it tells me to remember Christmas. I have to start thinking about presents and all I have to do. And I have to make a gift for my "Secret Santa Christmas Swap" partner....I know what to make , but has not started yet. :-)
But I have made this , it is from Jordbærstedet. It is the Stitcheri - club. We got a pre-printed stitcheri with a saying in Norwegian. The saying are" kaffe og kake, kom får du smake" In English: Coffe and cake come and have a taste. We also got 4 -30 cm of fabrics to use. Fun , but difficult.....I had to think what I want to make. :-)

I have also made this and send it to Fiona. My secret sthitcheri partner.I'm waiting for my stitcheri from a unknown lady.... I know it has been posted ,but I have not got it yet.... Guess who are keeping an eye on the mailbox???
This are what I think the inside of my head looks like....lots of ideas and things to make. It is the usual look of my dinnertable after a week of work. I have all the things I work on in the reach ,so I can grab what ever I want to work on just when ever I want.....I always have a lot of things in progress at the same time......Jumping from one idea to another. Looking at the photo it seems a great mess.....But to day I have made my self more to do. I have been working with some small stitcheries. More to make..... :-)
To morrow I'm expecting a friend to come to visit. We are going to do a lot of stitching, I think....
I just love the days when I can relax and have fun with fellow quilters and friends.
Have fun and get some good friend to come and enjoy a great day with you.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Somthing old ,somthing new......

Last week it was a sudden death in my sewing room....I was using my iron when it suddenly sound like a steamer and opened it self. I have never belived any thing like this could happen! So I had to run to the shop and get me a new iron...Quilting with out iron are impossible.
Here are my new partner..I have began playing with the Australian fabrics. I use them with Kaffe Fasett fabrics. My plan are to make a tablecloth.But the plans may change, I never know what might happen before I have done it... :-)
Here are a old stitcheri from Bareroots. I love to make smal stitcheries and have a lot more ready to be done.......but I have not time to do everything I want.So I jump from one thing to another.
Last week a tok my bicykkle and went to visti my friend with the dairy at her home. She have some hens and one of the oldes are a strange bird. She wants to be where ever my friend are and endjoy to be sitting on the knee.
One of the reasons I went to visit her,besides a lovely talk and coffee, was to look at the new baby. It is the first "home made" chikken in the hen house.It was so cute...but difficult to take photo of. It was going on full speed......
I have deside to try to make some blocks from all my Japanese books, starting with my name. I'm so luckey to have a easy name. I don't know what to make of the blocks...we'll see how it turn out.
I want to show my hall to you. I have made my self a arrangement to hang up smal quilts and miniatures. It is easy to change the quilts so I can exchange the look of my hall when ever I feel for it.
It the end of this blog I want to show some more photo from the journey to Trondheim.It was great weather and I like to take scenery pictures , but I think you know that. ;-)
Next time I hope to show some fall photos. The forest are turning in lovely collors now.
Untill then...take care and take time to relax....