Monday, July 30, 2007

A busy week

The local team won the game. :) I didn't believe they would . but they manage to win 3-1
The team they was meeting are one of the top in Norway and ours team are on the third level.
The game are Norway championship.If they manage to win two more games, they will play the gold game...... But there are a big IF.....
It was hard to see the players... it was 3750 peoples who follow the game. And when it was almost nothing to stand on , you can imagine how mutch I could see of the game. But I heard it...
It took more or less two days before my ears was quite right.

It was all the noice from all the fanclub. This is where they are sitting....or standing. They have named themselves " ælg-berget" Ælg are the lockal name of elg in Trysil. You can see the head of one on the wall. It is a sort of moose. I don't know the real name in english.
It was realy lovely day on the game.....but it didn't last. Yesterday it was a terrible wether. It was raining and a hailstorm. As you can see on the awning. I want sun and warm wether!!!!

The only good thing about it are : I don't need to water my blooms. ;)

Yesterday I finich my third block of Angel's sewing basked. It is a Gail Pan Designs. And I got it fas a bom from Honeysuckle Cottage. I love bom. I can just make them and I got the fabrics and all I need.So I don't have to think about fabrics and colours. And I got a lot of leftovers. ;)
This are one of my old and beloved table-runners. It is a old pattern from Little quilts. I belive I only used old fabrics from Debbie Mumm. It is all made by hand. I love the pattern from LQ.They are so wonderfull.
I have been washing my fabrics. I need to have somthing to do. I have carpenters to change all the windows in the house. So I need to get away and do somthing while they are taking over the house.:) And making new toppers seem a great idea I think. I will show you what I manage to make this week next time...
This are a summer bloom,late summer bloom, cald "eldmørsje" in my local dialect. In english it will be "gloow in the dark".Because when the light hits it in the dark it seems like glowing. But when I see it ,it tells me that the summer are almost gone. Sad, because I don't feel there has been any summer at all.
This is the ditch beside my house. Just lovely but almost atumn flowers.... I need some sun.
I hope all of you has had a lovely summer and all of you who has winter .....dream abouth summer and endjoy all the fun in winter time.
But to tell you in the end.....It has been a lovely summer with lots of visitors and fun...BUT I miss some hot sunny days. :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer days

Some days ago my husband and I went to visit my friend and her family at the dairy.It was a lovely day, but cold when the sun was behind the clouds.The house was almost finish inside. It is just lovely. I can understand they love to stay there in the weekends.
There are not flowers on the roof yet, but the grass are turning green.
This summer has not been so great , when it come to sun and warm days. But look at the rainbow. It was just wow..... I took the photo with my mobil-phone.
Look what I got from my daughter wen she came to pick up Lara : Jelly Beans and fabric. what a lovely girl. ;)
On tuesday my husband and I went to Charlottenberg in Sweden.We went to a big shoppingsenter, but we didn't buy a lot. Just looking , it was lots of shops and peoples. I didn't realy know what to buy......
But I found a shop with hobby things.....and they had fabrics. So I bought some but I don't know hat I will make of it.I will make coasters from the blue circles. But I don't know how yet...
Yesterday I got mail. Homespun and two books that belongs to Nemo. But she ordred them to me. I could have them and look when she are in Usa. Lovey books. I found something I just have to do. Strange.....I just love Homespun and always find something I just have to do.... untill I forgot it..
When I have time to relax I have been making some stitcheri.I have two more to do. It will be a quilt to the kitchen.
Now I have to run......I'm going to a game. Noewegian football. Me on football game??????
I will tell you more later.......

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Visitor in the zoo

Yesterday I got a visit from my friend Lisbeth.We had make greats plans for the day. We should do a lot of quilting.And we did....but we had to spoil the rats a lot to. In fact we feed them whith so mutch vegetables that I have to clean the hutch twice yesterday. It didn't smell good. :-)
I think he summer are so bad that I just have to finish a lots of ufoes. This are a little stitchery from Nothern quilts.
The sayings on it are " ingen dag uten kaffe" Meening : Not a day without coffe.I just had to do a little quilting and of course the binding. I'm not a great fan of making bindings , but I feel so good when they are finish.

This is Lara . The last of my summer guest. She are only staying for a short week. She belongs to my oldest daugther ,who are away for a few days.
I have been looking to all your great pincushions ,so I just had to take a picture of some of mine.The yellow and red flower like and the one with green underside I have got from Nemo.
The little in front are made in silver. It is my mother who have made it.
I have been making purses lately. So god to make something easy and fast. The two with hexagons are a idea I got from Gudrun . And the one with strawberry I bought as a kit from Jordbærstedet when NQF had the meeting at Hell this spring.
I have also been able to make this bag. It is a designer pattern from Nothern Quilts.I got the pattern and the fabrics in mail. They make designer pattern with kits four times in the year. You never know what you got. I like not to know what I needs. :-) At last I want to show you a visitor who don't belong in my zoo. It was not so happy when it saw Lara on the porch. I think the squirrel had ment to look in the birdhouse for some sunflower-seeds.
At last I just have to tell you....I god a sms from Nemo telling me that she has fund a quiltstore in LA. She had bought som fabrics. I cant wait to see. She has a great time . They are going to Las Vegas to day. Lucky girl.

I have sign up to a Stitchery Swap at Coffee Thime Quilt Studio. And I know what to do, I will make a smal wallhanging . It is a fried of me who have made the pattern. Great fun to see what I got in return.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I got mail.

Look what I got from Gudrun. I feel so lucky. I just love the pattern. It is from Iceland . Now I think I have to send her one from Norway. But she are clever to write in Danish , so I think the reading will be easy to her. I think I understood enough to make the lovely little bags. Great fun. And the fabrics....just lovely. I have to make something of them. My first mail from a blog friend.
This are what I meet when I got up early yesterday morning....After sometime I is the SUN. It have not been seeing for quite some time.It seems healthy and in good shape. Great for me ,I start my hollydays to day.
I want to show you a little flash of the store where I work. We have been tidy it up for the summer tourists. This is just a little corner of it.You can see the frabrics from japan on the top shelf. We have lots more fabrics...almost 1700 diffrent fabrics when I last count.
At last: this quilt is an old one. I just love making tumbling blocks.I have made them in several diffrent ways. I will show you later. Now I have to get out in the sun. :)
Have a lovely sunday. Endjoy it.

I have been tagged

Tagged fore the first time. Scary.....But ok.
I have to tell 7 random things ...Well , I'm thinking.

!.I live in the greatest ski center in Norway..but I don't

2. I don't have a driving licence.

3,I don't drink wine,but give me liqueur.

4. I sleep one hour on the bus when I go to or from the job.

5. I love the smell of a clean house, but don't enjoy to clean.

6. I love bad weather.

7. I can't stop starting on new quilting projects.

Here are the rules for the tag;

Each blogger should list 7 random facts about themselves and list these rules for the tag. Next tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. Leave a comment for each of the tagged on their blogs letting them know they have been tagged and to visit your blog for the ruls.

Now I am suppose to "tag" 7 more people to do the same. If you don't want to play please do not think I will be offended. I tag:Gail.Nansy.Hanne,Anne-Heidi,Jenni,Anita and Judith.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wet - Wet - Wet

To day I'm going to show you my best helper...... Jacob think every little leftover are his..... And here he is giving me a helping beak.....or mybe it's a helping claw??
I will also show you a little part of my little leftover.I have not given it up....but it need to have sometime to lell me what it want to look like....So now you can wonder how it will turn out...I think I know.....
This is why I call my blog "wet,wet.wet" to day. It has been raining ""as where the heaven was open"...And my roses are falling of . I hope it will be sunshine soon.Maybe when I got my summer vacation. I just have to work in three days, then three and a half week of. I will stay home most of the time ... I babysit the rats as you know. :-)

I did make some bags this week..... here are one to the shop. I have made two of this to the shop and one to myself. Quick and easy to make. This one are to my self. It is a pattern made of a Norwegian designer : AnnAK. She make good and easy pattern. This are named :By-veska. "Town-bag" But I think I'm gonna use it at work to morrow.
When I was looking in my cabinet after some summer quilts I fund this little miniature.I put the pen beside it so you see the size of it. It is all hand made. I found the pattern in an old Miniature magasine.
And at last I have started on the table topper to match my new mugs. I have been doing a little more , but that I will show you later.
At last I just want to whish everybody a lovely week,,,,what is left of it. See you and take care..

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Summer Guests

I got mail from Australia on friday.Hurra !!! It was my ordering from Honeysuckle Cottage.The new book by Anni Downs :A Christmas Story. And a pattern from Cinderberry Stitches : The Needle Keeper. They both are great. Mutch more ideas and things I want to do. May Britt you have something to look foreward to. :-)
Yester day my husband and I went to Oslo to vistitt ours to daughters. The girls and I went on a quick walk in shops. This photo are from Karl Johan. This street are the most famous in Norway. It goes direct to the castle where the king and the Queen of Norway are living.Sorry to tell you : They are out of town this week. They are celebrating the Queens 70 birthday. The castle are the yellow building in the middle of the photo.
I didn't had annyhing quilting in my mind.....But in a shop I saw these mugs, and I understand that I just needed them. They just looks great with some of my leftsover..... And now I have to make me a table topper.I have been thinking what to make of the fabrics fore some time. And now I know what I have to make this week.....
. I did have something on my mind when I get to Oslo....I must have Jelly Beans. I just love them. A good book and sone few Jelly Beans. I can't have better time,except a beautifull day with some of my quilting friends. Or a day with my girls.
We also bought a traveling cage fore Jacob.He didn't looked to happy about the idea, but he does not know what he need. Now he can come out on the porsh in summer time and travell with us some time.
The propper meening of this trip was to fetch my summer job. I will be babysitting nemo's rats while she and her boyfriend are visitting his family in Usa. I think the rats are some persnalitys. It is fun geting to know them......And I work fore fabrics and Jelly Beans.... :-)
This is all fore to day. Have a nice quilting day. :-)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Need more bags......?

This is some of my bags. They are all made of japanese fabrics.I use them a lot.....but now I think I need some new....:-) Actual I have some planes to make some this week....I have some new patterns I just HAVE to make. Hopefully I have some bags to show you soon.
This is an old quilt. I made it in 2003 after collecting fabrics fore several years. I wanted all these special fabrics in bright collors. So I collected fore it where ever I went. At last I have so mutch fabrics that I think I could cover a rof. I have found out that I need loots of fabrics but not big pieces. After this quilt I love charm packs.
Yesterday I went to visit May Britt after work.We had a great time looking through all her pattern and books. We realy had a great evening making lots of planes what to make in the summer. I belive there is going to be a lot of stitchery this summer. Hopfully there will be just lazy summer days in the sun.
I didn't leave untill the last bus. It was so fun making all this planes. When I came back to Trysil it was in the middle of the night. It was after one o'clock. It was a odd night,it had been raining and feels like there was going to be thunder. I culdn't cet a clear photo of the local shopping senter because there was a little haze in the air. Still I think it looked great.
Well it was all fore to day. Later I hope I have some new bags to show you. Untill then take care and make lots of summer planes. :-)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

To day I went to visit a friend of me and hers family at their log cabbin in the forrest.This are the view. The cabin are an old summer dairy. As you can see there are some more old cabin around the old property Jacob had to stay at home. This are a photo of him in the lamp.The quilt I name "Jacob's fanclub.The real name of the quilt are Chikken sup. I made it some years ago.
Well. Back to the trip. We drive deep in the forest.As you can see it is an old cosy road.The forest are big and old.
Here are the cabin ,to day the boys are making the roof. They are laying turf on it to make it as it use to look.When it has been growing fore some time the gras will be green and the flowers will bloom on it. Hopefully.The cabin are verry old. Build in 1857.The first use of it was as a summer dairy.I think they have cattle and a flock of sheep and maybe some goats.I allmost culd hear the sound of all the animals and hear the dairymaid caling....
If the photo are kind you can see the numbers saying 1857.It was the builder that cut it in the wood when the cabin was finish.
This is the house . Look what a wounderfull porch they have. And remember the view.I think it is great. My friend and I sat on it most of the day while the boys worked.We talked about nothing and everything.....just had it wounderfull.
She had coffe and waffle with cloudberry jam. I love it just as mutch as it seems.I wish every body of you might taste it.
This was my lovely day. Not so mutch quilting, but I'm going to make me a little purse this evening. Untill later : take care. :-)