Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip To Trondheim

We had a lot of fun when we took the trip to Trondheim. It started after a few Norwegian miles. There was Llama on the run in the road. They are staying in a farm by the road, but I had not seen one on the run before. It was realy big. ;-)
We did meet a lot of animals on this trip. We saw a Fox, two Roe-deers and at last two Norwegian Mooses. And of course I was not fast enough with my camera to get photoes to show...
But I manage to get a photo of Hurtigruta. This are going all the way to Kirkenes, all filled with touristes. They are on the way to see the Midnight- sun. Oh, I wish it was me...
Here are what the woods around my parents home looks like.All white with White Anemones. Just lovely.
Jacob was verry pleased when he returned to his house in the cage. He looks as he thinks....Home sweet Home. But he are realy happy when he are with us on a trip. ;-)
I didn't get photos from the quilt shops in Trondheim. But I got some great buyings.Strange what I didn't know what I needed... Great fabrics , a pattern with Strawberries from QuiltFig Trees and a pink ruler....
I have been working on small Blocks of the Mounth. Some friends of us has started on the little red work Sunbonnet Sue from Little Quilts. We did started now in May so it realy are the first one. The other are Lynette Andersons Noas Ark. The free BOM from her Blog. She are so great sharing it with all of us here in Blog-land.
I have also made me two Book Marks from a Bird Brain Designs pattern. Realy fun and easy to make. And all the fabrics are from my stash. ;-) I'm organize all my Quilting stash and WOW I did found a lot of forgotten items..... I'm not the only one ?

Some days ago I had a great vistior in my birdhouse.. The most beautiful wild bird I know. A Bullfinch. He use to show up in the winter, but I didn't see him then. Look how bright and red he is. I hope he don't tell it will be a short summer.
I will stop now, I have more to show from the Quilt world next time. I have a lot going on in my new sewing area. It is so great...I can move around.
Have some great quilting time. See you. ;-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

New Sewing Area

I have a lot to tell you, but I could not get any more photos to the blog,Bloger Error. ;-(
So I just have to show the MOST important....Alos I have been moving my sewing-area.I used to have all my stuff all over the whole house.Cutting fabrics on the kitchen, making big quilts with my sewing maskine in the sitting room and ironing in my sewing-room.And I moved all around when I did stitchery.... But that was before LOL May I introduce "My hand sewing area", with my libaty just by my side. I got a lot more magasines ,but that part are expecting some cupboards to all my fabrics, so I have to show that part later.
Here are my Sewing area with space to iron and cutting. I have not been able to work on it yet, but just you wait and see when I'm of work. I think it is going to be soo great having all that room to work at.
Jacob had to move to let me have his sitting-room. But I think he dosen't care. He can be watching us in ouer sitting-room.And I belive he is verry happy with his new room. He has got his "Fan-club" with him. And throught the window he can watch some of our neighbours. He think it is great to see some peoples when he are in his cage.
Here are my old sewing room before I moved.....I think you can image how great I feel abouth the new one. The last days before moving I feel like I could not get air when walking in it.All that mess, so now I have to organize all my stuff.A H.... of a work, but it is needed. Get all the fabrics in colors, magasines in volumes and patterns in done,-want to do,-and why did I bought it????
I think I'm going to find a lot of "new" stuff.
I will show you later.
I have some great photos to show from our trip to Trondheim, But as there are blogger error I will do it next time. Hopfully soon.
Untill then- have a great time. Hugs. ;-)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I won this on Nancy's blog, because I showed my Thimbles. I only got a few but now I'm thinking aboth starting to collect more serious. Nancy realy give me a kick off. I got one from Grimstad, where she lives and the other are from Denmark.She wondred if I could find some use for the little purse.....I got no problem with that. LOL To morrow I'm going to bring it with me to Trondheim during the Whitsun. I'm going to visit my parents and realy need somthing to bring my Stitchery in.
To day I have maild this block out in the world. It is the third round on the Spring Fling Round Robin. I got it from Marisa and have add the green border with flowers.
I have also post my Spring Quilt from the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. I know Andrea has got it so now I can show it. I'm so happy she liked it. It is so fun to give and get all the wonderfull little quilts. I showed the one I got from Beth the last time I bloged.I love the little Quilt. ;-) It has found its spot in my Hall.
Now that I have decided to realy start to collect Thimbles I bougth this from where I lives. As you can see there are a skier on it. The boys name are Trysil Knut. It is a well known legend about a clever skier.There are an old movie about Trysil Knut and how he ward off a war between Norway and Sweden with his great skiing.....Belive it or not..... ;-)
The snow are going away fast thise days....It means a lot of water, but I don't thin it is going to be a realy big flood.To day it has been a great day, almost summer.....sun shine from blue sky and realy hot.

I whis you all a warm and lovely Whitsun.
Have fun and take care, I think I need to visit Quiltegården and Jordbærstedet beeing in Trondheim....May be there are somthing I need. LOL