Sunday, February 24, 2008

A beautiful morning.

The weather this morning was so beautiful. Almost zero degrees and sun from a blue sky. I should have been out for a walk, but I had make some plans for the class I will teatch how to use the Square in a Square- ruler. And by the time I had done it the weather was awful.......It was raining. So I miss the sun to day.Here are what I was working on. A little Storm at sea quilt. I made it in red and green and I think I'm going to name it "Storm in the Forest" because where I live there are no sea. I live almost as far as you can go from the sea in Norway.I will show how to make all the pieces in the class , so I will not do more untill after the class.
I also made this little tabel-runner from some of my leftovers.This are also a modell for the class. It is realy fun to play with the ruler.
Here are two of my January project. The snow-man are a BOM made by Kathy Schmitz. Called :Ring in the New. I have ordred it from Little Quilts. And the other are the first kit from Honeysuckle Cottage Christmas Club 2008. It is a Lynette Anderson Design. I love the both of them and are keeping an eye on the mail box hoping for the next shipment...
Last week I got mail from Quilt Books Usa, a Homespun magasin and a pattern from The Rabbit Factory,called Jacobs Garden. I saw it on Kathy Schmits blog and it was so great. I hope to be able to start making it soon. It has both piecing and applique. A great quilt I think and the name says it is a Must Do item.

Have a great day, I'm going to do a little more on my second blok of Butterfly Garden. I hope to show it next time...

I allmost forget to tell....I have signed up at Spring Filng Round Robin and are making the start block also. ;-)

I wonder if I need more to do now????

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jumping about

Jippi. I got a wonderful Winter Swap. Isn't it just great ! Thank you Dixie. I can't find your mail-adress so I hope you read my blog. I just love the quilt. ;-) And thank you Margaret for making it happen. I have also sign up at Spring Fling Round Robin.
In this week I got visitors from France. It is my brother with his two sons. They are going to ski and to play in the snow.And as you can see there are no problem to find snow. It is more difficult to find the house.
Here are my two France nephews. Cyrian are the viking with no shirt on. And Swan are his younger brother. We are realy having a great time.

Some days ago I went to Trondheim in a hurry to visit my parents. (My father was sick, but he are mutch better now. ) I went to visit Quiltegården and Jordnærstedet for a verry quick shopping, I realy need some new fabrics. ;-) And I had not been at Jordbærstedets new shop.It was so big and great. Luckey you all in Trondheim who got two great shops...
Here you can see what I realy needed.....I put all the items from the both shops in one photo. I realy don't remember witch shop I bought it in. Shame the hurry..... ;-)
When Nadine was visiting May Britt I was asked to visit them with Anne Ida and Hanne. Our friends Irene and Bjørg were there to. We realy had a great day. So thank you May Britt for bringing us all together. Here are a photo of the blogging team.
And Jacob had a great time when I got home, I bring him a taste of Kranse- cake from May Britt. He realy loves it. Look how happy he are.....
At last I want to show you my first block of Butterfly Garden. We are going to sell it as a BOM in Lille Stasjon. It is all made with Japanece fabrics. I think it is so fun to make....So thanks Leanne for making the pattern of "Sommerfugl Hagen"