Sunday, December 27, 2009

SSCS 2009

I got the greatest SSCS gift from Sonia this year. Thank you, Sonia. You send me a wonderful parcel. Look what I got... a little bag, I will use it for my sewing stuff, a nedle and thread-keeper,a pincushion- with pins,a scissors and a Seam Ripper.......
I also got this great stuff- a small embroidery kit,a message magnet and some chocolate...
Even two thimbles had found its way under my Christmas tree. One thimble from Sydney and the other from Manly.When my oldest daugther heard where they were from she told- Oh I have been there.... Luckey her.
I feel like I have spolied at Christmas this year- as every year- there was soo great gifts under the tree for me. Thank you every one--- It was just what I needed everything. ;-)
It has been a snowy Christmas so fare this year- Cold start and a lot of snow. But I know a luckey little girl who got a warm bag filled with down to sit in when she goes out for a walk.So if there are about 10 degrees below zero, she will be nice and warm.
To day we got a visit in the birdcage in the garden. A lovely red bullfinch looking for sunflower seed.

Hope you all have great Christmas days all over.
Merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


These days there are Christmas trees on every corner, this was one I saw when I was in Oslo a week ago. From a distance it looked great, but it was fake. Made by steel. Big steel snowballs. :-)
There has been realy busy days lately, but now the Christmas peace has come to our home. It has been realy winter ourside- more than 30 degrees bellow zero one day, and most of the week with - 20 or more. So Emma have been staying inside most of the time. Just some small trip in the car. Luckey for here she had great new knitted coat with socks and cap. It will be her first Christmas- so guess who got a lot of presents....
Cyan hope there will be some for her too. It looks like she are going to sleep next to all the gifts to night..
I have not only been a lazy blogger- I have also not been able to finish mutch in the quilting world. Almost all I have manage to do are Christmas gifts and can not be shown here... Only these little purses. They are for bringing your favorite tea-bags. I had to make three, two to give away and one for myself. Great idea. I found the idea on Among the Gum Trees blog. Thank you for all the great christmas ideas.
At the end I want to give all in blogland a big Christmas hug and hope you all will have a great Christmas. Now it is in the middle of the nigth here in Trysil, all dark outside, so Santa are free to
come with gifts to all.

Have a Merry Christmas all of you in blogland.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Home again...

I have been a lazy blogger for a while...Hm. there must be somthing going on ..Ok... I have been able to take a photo of these lovely flowers, only a week ago. I have been in France to visit my brother and his family.So the flowers looks diffrent from the ice-roses I use to see here now.But so fare this year it has been little of them , it is not cold white snow, just slush..
The view from my brother's veranda was great. I whis I could been there in summer time.Image to sit here in soft warm nigths... Looking out on Grass and all the way to the sea, smelling all the flowers , lavendre, may bee some perfume ( Grass are known for making perfume) and listen to all the sounds of the nigth....
This is what I leave, it was cold this day and they were making snow in the ski area.Great view this also, but some thimes I feel you can't see the beauty where you live.Our house are in the middle of this photo,a brown house next to the spruce.
I have been clever and done a lot of quilting and stitching the last month, but because of the fast comming up Christmas I can or will not show it to you....But this quilt are done in the last days. The blocks are from a Thimbleberry club, and at last I got it to be more than a UFO.I feel great about all the UFO's I manage to have done in 2009 and will try to get a lot more done in 2010.... I hope... ;-) There are a lot of them just laying around just waiting to be done...and I REALY want them... I have a lot of new ideas on my wish list too. There are soo mutch I would like to do.I see new patterns and ideas all the time, so I think 2010 are going to be a busy year... ;-)
Wnen I got home from France and some great days in Oslo visiting my girls,I had got a lot of mail.New patterns, a kit , Homespun and this gift...It is from my SSCS partner Sonia.When I took the parcel there was a scary sound. Allmost like broken glass, but it was just the little bell.
Look at the great Noel ornament, I wonder if Sonia know about my trip to France ;-) She even send me a great hand made card. Thank you Sonia... I will not peep,but it will be hard to save the gift untill the 24. But I will do that. Nemo are going to spend cristmas here this year, so we must both wait to open our gift.

Have a great weekend and Lucia. I hope to be able to do more Christmas stuff... ;-)