Thursday, July 29, 2010

... and this was July...

In last minute I manage to do one finish this month too.... This July has been soo strange and busy, so I have to be pleased to manage to do a little on the sewing front. But in August I need to sew a lot.... and I know there will be some great sewing days to look forward to... ;-)
This little wall quilt are A Stitcher's Priority by The Birdhouse. A great way to use some of my scraps.
I have been busy home this summer, but I got some great family members who has been travelling... I got this thimbles from my aunt. She has been on a Cruise in the Mediterranean and luckey for me she remembered to buy thimbles for me. :-)
I got this from my brother,who has been travelling in Norway. I'm soo pleased when they remember my collection of thimbles... So a big thank you to both of you ;-) Hmmm I wonder if I should take a day and count thimbles.
I have had great visit this month... The whole family has been here in Trysil celebrating Peder's christening. It was a great day. And luckey for me they all stay for at last a week. For the first time Emma and Peder was here together. Emma was giving me a helping had organize the scrap from my life. A little quilting lady?? Time will show- but next week she are going to start at the nursery school and her mum back to work. I can't belive how fast time runs...
Oh -- do you want to have a litte look of the christening child.... LOL.. Here he is Peder Arian ;-)
He was clever and sleep almost all the time.Great guy ;-)
I will show more next time - Peder and his mum are comming to stay for a week soon, it will be a sewing week... ( If I can wake up my sewing machine who has been disregarded the whole of month)
I hope to be back with a lot to show soon -- I have started to use my scrap - once again - and have a lot I want to do .... As usual... LOL

Hugs to you all ;-)