Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Suddenly almost spring....

I'm still alive ,but I can't tell where this winter went... It has been a short,busy winter for me.Looking around the house it seems as I'm the UFO -queen. Lot and lot of ufo's all over the livingroom and my sewing area.... 
I have mange to do some finish,like this miniature. One of the great kits from Sew Hots block of the month. I love to get a new little kit in mail every month. 

This miniature are one of my " just for fun" items. I have been playing with Gretchen on this...
On Facebook I'm with a great group of ladies starting to sew Modern Quilts. All these are made as a miniature challenge. The one with the arrows are from my last blog...a looong time ago.. The one with blue binding are after an idea from Love Patchwork and Quilting. The four small blocks are made from fabrics printed by me. I must do more of that.The last two are the same pattern,I had to try how colours and fabrics change the look on blocks.
I'm a part of The Splendid Sampler Facebook group. There are a lot of ladies all over the world who are sewing these small,6",blocks. Two blocks every week for a year. Total 100 blocks. 
I had to make this house block for the Splendid Sampler look like the little quilt store I worked in some years ago. 
I hope to bee back soon,no promise notthing ...but hope so. May bee I manage to finish some of my ufo's soon. 
Untill then stay safe and have fun :-)