Sunday, September 19, 2010

Start of the dark fall...

Now it is the start of the dark time of the year... It is the time when I love to sit inside and stitch by the fire...
I have manage to get some finish this last week... I have to start to use my new sewing area... So after a year Butterfly Bouquet are done. I start to make it at Quiltegården when Leanne and Gail where in Norway.
The other finish this time are a coat for Peder. I belive he need it now- the summer are gone in Oslo too.
I even got some new thimbles to show you. I got them from Bjørg- I don't remember where it is from ( Bad memory?? ), Lisbeth from Riga and my brother Bjørn who has been on Svalbard. Thank you all, I love the thimbles.
Guess who are feelig great?? I'm done with the challenge from the quiltguild. It is Abyquilt who are giving us this challenge...Two new blocks next month, a new little quilt by summer. Fun ;-)

I promise her , May Britt to show photos from my new sewing rooms, when it is all done and every thing are tidy... Well as tidy as it can be... Ok I have to get up some little curtain here to spare the fabric...
Here in my sewing room Here I need all the ligth I can get... Ups... some one has been using it. There are leftovers on the table ;-) I have made the top of Red Brolly's Christmas quilt from Homespun. (Show you later )
Here are my sewing room from the door- notice the radio., I play music when I sew.. To day it was Dr Hook - Yes I know-- A big surprice for the people who realy know me ;-)))
I know there will be a lot of music from this rooms now ;-)

There are two small "ladies" I have wanted to show you for a long time. Are they not beautiful - I got them years ago from Nemo. She was only a school girl when she made them for me.The one in the yellow dress are named Whoopi Dollberg. Think you all can tell who she named her after..

This days I'm moving around and organize almost every thing in my home, so may be there will be more fun and sweet memories to show you next time. Untill then have fun and take care.
HUGS :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

With a lot of help from my friends..

I got a new sewing room , to tell the true - I got two. Not all done yet, but I have to show you. May Britt and I have had a busy weekend. And to day Bjørg came and help us. ;-)
To get all the photos in correct order you have to start at the bottom .... ( I'm tired and bloglines are" lazy"so you can do what you want by it .... ;-)
Also - my Janome in front og the window...
With the cutting table next to it...
And in the next room ... FABRICS... Lots and lots of fabrics , and kits, and magasines, and a copy machine..... and the Witsh quilt on the wall....( self-portrait???) LOL

Here are the working girl...May Britt doing what she told me to do the whole day... Throw away stuff I don't need or use....
Bjørg organize my sewing cotton .... Wonder if I dare to use it.... ;-)
And my self ... looking and wondering when will I ever manage to finish all my UFO's and make all I want/need to do .... Oh- it is hard to be a quilt-girl. LOL
This is the end of my "old" sewing area.. Now it will be the living room in the hiring out part of my house, as it use to be.. Easy come - easy go...
Here are the start of my new sewing area.. All empty only the copy machine...
The last photo of my sewing area.. as it looked on saturday morning.
Now I'm ready for the new start in my Quilting life.
I will soon be back with photo of new items made in the new room --- promise.
Hugs - and thank you May Britt and Bjørg. ;-)