Friday, October 30, 2009

To my Angel...

When I got home from our Quilt Meeting there was a wonderfull surprise waiting for me... My present from my Stitchers Angel.. Mine angel was Kate from Australia. But Kate I don't have your mail adress so I can't send a mail with a big Thank You Hug... Please send it to me... I love alle the godis.. I'm so proud to the owner of it all. A needlebook - a pincushion and a litte bag with a lot of godis inside..

Here see what was hiding in the little bag... Floss -Quilters Pins ...Messuring tape.. she had even add two Kit-In- A -Card made byWildcraft farm.. And the cutest little frog says Hello from the front of the card.
Once again Thanks Kate. I wish I could give you a real hug. And thank you Helen for hosting this swap..

I know the gift I made for a Angel are on it's way- I hope she like it too...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blue and white...

This is how my world are these days... Mostly blue and white.Outside the sky are deep blue and the montain are white.To day my whole garden are white, it is white frost allover the grass. More than 7 degress below zero make everything shine.
My mind are blue and white too, I work a lot with these colours from my stash. I'm working on a memory quilt and it brings a lot of memories, some great and some a little sad.. I will show you when it is done.But I have a great time making it... ;-)
Yesterday I hade some great visitorns in my rowan, a crowd of Waxwings were looking for berrys. When they are comming and I see Swans in a plough on the sky .... there are no doubt, it is allmost winter.
I have manage finish a little needlebook this week. I got the pattern when Leanne and Gail was at Quiltegården . We got some small free pattern from both of them.Great useful items. Thank you both I love to have them as great memories.
To day I'm off to the quilt meeting in Elverum , bringing my blue and white quilt bolcks in work...
It will be soo fun to meet all the girls and see what they are doing now. If you goes here you can see some great works..There will be more photos after the meeting.
I have a great weekend in front of me.... I'm going to Oslo to vistit Emma and my girls. Emmas mother are celebrating her birthday. And on monday I'm going to a Show and Tell at Katrines Quiltestue with Lynette Anderson...

So there are a lot happening in my blue and white world.
Have a great weekend, I know mine are going to be GREAT.....
HUGS ;-)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sewing days...

I have been busy with a lot of sewing these last days.
I have done this great bag., it is the kit I got from Lappemor, when she meet me on the bus when I came from Leanne and Gails clases in Trondheim. I love the bag - Lappemor has choose beautifull fabrics so this are my new favorite bag- at the moment... ;-)
When we came in to the class room at Quiltegården , we found plastic bags on our desks with the kit to this bags in it. A lovely bag to carry new projects in , and a great memory from the weekend. Thank you Siw and all your great helpers.
I have manage to do a little somthing for Emma also this last weeks. She has became almost a big girl now. Soon 7 month old.The time runs so fast - It will be so fun to meet her again in a couple of weeks---- and her mother and aunt too ;-)
I made Emma this book from a kit I bought in Gøteborg this spring.Fun and easy to make and it is machine washable, realy great for someone who love to chew on everything...Outside there have been some days with snow and some days with a lot of sunshine, but I belive the winter are here soon. Great sewing days ;-) But it is not so simple to be a bird.. I saw this woodpecker in a pine in my garden. They are a bit shy so I had to take the photo through the window pane..

This are also out of my window pane,A lot of hungry birds eating frosen rowanberry..
But some birdes has a easy life .... Jacob sit warm and satisfied inside and look at the cold birds outside in the snowy tree.Some birds realy got a easy life..... Or not ... He has some battle with me about if he can drop my pins on the flor or eat my thread.... Or fighting with Cyan about who are the boss in this house......
Cyan are a smart cat woman and let Jacob belive he rules the house, as other ladies I know :-), and take a nap in Emmas carriage.

To morrow I'm going to give first aid to an old quilt..... a WISP who has been lying in my sewing room for a looong time... I got Buttonhole stitching-refusal and pretend not to have the quilt, but now is the time to bring it in to the ligth and have a re-start.... I want it and even got a its own place to hang it when it is done... So now I cross my fingers and hope to do the rest of it...
I will show you later...
Have great days--- I have a lot on my mind and in my fingers now-- One thing are done and in the mail- the parsell for my Angel in the Stitchers Angel Swap... I hope she like it. ;-)

Take care and have great sewing days ;-)

Friday, October 02, 2009

A little glimse from last weekend


Here are a little glimse from the class last weekend. This is a little bit of what the TV will show.. I realy hop they are going to show a lot more, after all the work the team do...

Enjoy and wish you had been with us ;-)