Monday, October 29, 2007

Empty nest

My head are bubbling of ideas and memories from a great week. Leanne was so lovely, even more than we ever had dreamt about. What a girl! She was giving and giving all the time. And she told us to take photo and to touch all her quilts. She made blocks and drawings to a lot of us. May Britt, Hanne and Vigdis has shown pictures of all the great things Leanne has made,so I will show how we was enjoying ,chatting and working. Leanne was moving around taking care of us all.
This clever girls are working on the stitchery. On the walls you can see some of the quilts we borrowed from quilters in Elverum Quiltelag.I want to say: Thank you to all of you who let us deccorate the walls and show some of the beautifull quilts you make.
Here are a flash from a" show and tell." It is "Leannes House" made in Japanese fabeics. Great.
Here are the girls who made this great week happen. Bente ,the owner of Lille Stasjon , Siw ,the owner of Quiltegården and of course Leanne. Big hugs and thank you to you all.We all hope it will be possible to meet again and have a new great time.
To day I made this little bag. It is a Leanne pattern,markeds bags -from the book Romancing the road trip. I made it with my Elvis fabrics. When I went to shop to day it feels like "Elvis has left the building" It was so quiet with all you lovely ladies gone . I feel a kind of empty, I have been working with the visit as a goal for a long time .......and suddenly it is all over.- But what great memories I got. All the laughter and the fun are bubbeling in my stomach. And all the new ideas I got. WoW. I have a lot to do and dream about. One of my dreams are to save money and be able to take a journey to Australia. I need to buy a fabrics with photo of kangaroos on , so I can make me a Australian bag to.And I love to meet you girls in Australia.......So just watch out....some day....may-be.....
PS. I have named my Elvis bag Aloha From Hawaii and the flowers are a Lei, given to me from a friend who has been in Hawaii.
Have fun and take care. Big hug from me. :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


This week I at last started to finish "Love Is" I have done all the stitchery about two years ago, but I had not sew it together and add the last border. When I went to work this week it looked like this....
And to day I add the last border and quilted it on my sewing- machine. I even sew on the binding..So now I will watch TV and do the hand sewing. I feel so great...A big UFO gone. ;-)
I have also been making designs to the shop djuring the last few weeks. These tabelrunners are finish , thanks to some lovely ladies visiting the shop. They had a long coffe break ,and sew the binding. I forgot to take a finish photo , but I will show you later.
I have done all the bottenhole stitching on this design. It is great to be me, sometimes I can't stand bottenhole stitching - I somtimes has bottenhole-decline.....;-) I'm going to add some stitchery and borders around on the design.
At last I will show you this beautiful photo of the river, Trysil elva. It is taken early one morning when I was hurry to catch the bus and going to woork. It was 6 degrees below 0 . Cold but beautiful.
At last I want to tell that my friend with the dairy and the little chikken has got a blog. She has a lot of great items, just take a look.

Now I have some hand sewing to do. Have fun and take care.
I'm counting down to get in a class with Leanne. My first class with her are on wednesday.I know she are in Oslo just now. :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Messing about

This week I have been playing with new fabrics from Lille Stasjon were I work.I'm making desigs to bring with the shop to Trysil when Leanne are arriving.To day it seems a lot messy, but I hope to have it done by next week end..... I'm going to make some pillows, table runners and some smal quilts.I hope to show you at the end of the week.
I have done one quilt ready.Not to the shop, this one are mine. :-) It is a stitchery BOM from Jordbærstedet. We got a Norwegian stitchery and 4 fabrics.( Each 30 cm. ) And we have to make something by ourselves. We don't get a pattern.This month we got a stitchery with frogs saying : Du skal kysse mange frosker før du finner en prins. ( you have to kiss a lots of frogs before you find a prince) My idea are to make a little lake with lots of frogs and one frog prince. I have picked up some frogs from books and old BOM I have made . It is so fun to play with the stitcheries and the fabrics. We are going to get a new pack soon.....I hardly can wait. ;-)
As you know I live in Trysil, one of the biggest places in Noeway to go skiing in the winther. Most of the peoples are doing slalom. When it is cold enough they are making snow to start the season early.I tok this photo some days ago, as you can see they are making snow......

Here are the view to the montain from my friends cabbin yesterday. As you can see there are a little snow on the ground . (wild snow ).But it is going to bee a lot more...... I will show you during the winter.

Now I have to make more on my desigs. Have a warm and lovely evening.


I have been tagged by Nadine for a Meme. Also:

4 jobs I have had:

-staying in a kiosk
-working as a nanny
-working in a mal
- and now working in a quilt store :-)

4 films I could watch over and over:

-James Bond (all of them)
-Love story
-Africa queen

4 TV shows I watch:

-Cold Case
-The Closer
- Senkveld (a norwegian show)

4 places I have lived:

-Røros (one year at school)
-And Trysil :-)

4 favorite foods:

-Fondue with meat.

4 favorite colors:


4 places I love to be right now:

-Nice , I have my brother and his family living there
-USA, visitting a lot of quilt stores and some of you
-Australia, just the same as in USA
-Oslo , with my to girls

4 names I love but could/would not use for my children:


4 people I love to tag with this Meme:

-Sweet P

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Little Quilts all over......

I have got my stitchery from my the stitchery swap. I think it looks great . I got it from Toni. Thank you Toni. I will hang it in my kitchen. It will just fit in . :-)
I have been working on a little stitchert from Bareroots. Smal but a lot of work.I thought it would be done in a hurry......but I was so wrong. I love it , even more when I got it in a frame. I have been working on two more of these little stitcheries , but I have to leave them untill later. I have a lot of things I must do . I'm making some modells for the shop. And we are preparing until Leanne Beasley are coming to visit Trysil. We are going to have a part of the shop, Lille Stasjon, in Trysil. And there a lot of things to remeber to bring with us. Some of my friends are staying at my home. It will be a great fun. Lot of talking and laughing and a little quilt making......I hope. :-)
I have been making a little Halloween quilt using the new fabrics from the shop. Easy and fun. It seems fun to celebrate Halloween In Norway we does not do that.
It has been a lot of great weather lately. Cold nights , fog in the morning but lot of sun in the days.As you can see has not all of the fog gone away yet on this photo. I think it seems as the montain has got a quilt cover on it feet. And the colours are great on this photo.
But now it is almost gone.....all the great colours. Amost all the leafs has fall of the trees. This is my rowan ,with just a few leafs on. The trees are waiting for the winter to come. I wonder how long it takes before it is snow all over my world. I had to realize the summer are gone and put on my mittern when I walked to the buss the other day. A hard thing to do......but my fingers enjoyed it. :-)

Have a lovely day and take care.