Thursday, August 30, 2007

In a hurry

A beautiful picture from the dairy last weekend. The fire was great when it was dark.
This photo are when I was hurrying to catch the bus and go to the fair early in the morning. The clock was only six in the morning.....and I was out of my bed before the sun. :-) It turned out to be a beatiful day.
This was in the mail when I got back from work yesterday.Lucky me. Guess what I got with me in bed. :-) To day I'm hurrying about. I have to do a lot of housewife doings.....I have almost done what I have in my mind now. I'm going to the quilt meeting in Elverum to day, and to morrow I'm going to Trondheim to visit my parents......and Christell and Siw. I hope I don't need somthing...I was thinking about putting my nose in the air and my hands in the pocket and just ask about what Irealy need, but I don't think it will work......I HAVE to tutch and look at all the news....I will tell you how it turned out later.
At last I want to show you my most crazy Ufo......I can not belive I orded this....Ok, it is beatiful ,but all that work.....Some times I think.....I don't know what I'm doing.....But some time....May bee..
Ok. see you later ...I'm on the run. :-)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Party at the Dairy

Yesterday after work I was ask to come to a party at my friends dairy. We were some friends and some of their family who was asked to come and celebrate that all the work was done. It is just looking great. All the work that has been done througth the summer(I will show you some photo later.) Even the weather was great. The sun was shining . :-)
It was a big bonfire. After dark I think it could been seen all the way from the mountain.
In school we was always told "to eat all the food at home "when we was having to write a storry abouth some trip... So I will not tell you all about all the delicious food we was served....and what we had to drink.. You can guess by your self. But it was great. I just have to show you the Cake. It was a photo of the dairy on top of it. Printed on the marzipan. And belive it or not : we eate it. ;-) It was a wonderfull and fun evening , so Vigdis if you read this.... Thank you .
On thursday my colleague, my chief and I went to a big fair to buy news to the shop. We were able to see plenty of new item to buy. New pattern and fabrics. And we learn what news to expect in the autumn. We even got some fabrics as a gift from one seller. As you can see they are from Australia. I think I have" to play" with them and make me something. I have wanted to have some Australian-fabrics for some time, and suddenly I got some. I have wanted to go to Australia since my oldest daugther went for a trip and told me what a great country it is.. I wish I have lots of money and time so I cuold travell all the places I like to visit....(Read :all the quilt shops I like to visit ) :-)

We got some new Japanese books for the shop. And belive it or not.....I needed one. I wonder when I have time to make all the great things I want to do from all my books and pattern.....
We even brought back with us a lot of new fabrics to sell in the shop. Great Christmas fabrics.
So I think you know what I do at work this week. :-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A new quilt

First I want to tell you all: May Britt are at home and the surgery has gone well. I have heard from her both on the sms and the msn. She was tired but happy it was done. I think she will blog herself when she wake up. When I heard from her she had a funny way of spelling. But I can say to you all.....SHE WILL BE BACK :-)

To day it has been great day. almost "Indian summer" But I could notice the atumn are not fare away. The trees are turning yellow.
In the middle of the river some one had been playing and put advertise from a ice-cream in the water. May-be to cool his feet?
This week I have been playng with the "square in a square " ruler. It was so fun that the quilt turned out to be a single bed quilt. I manage to use 15 fabrics I didn't know why I bought . And a lot more for the backing and borders. Just great I think.It was hard work to quilt it on my sewing-machine but I manage to do it.
This are my best friend trying the quilt to see if it fit her.......and it did. ;)
This is how it looks on the back side. I have been able to use a lot of fabrics on this side too.
And at last.....My I introduse my new quilt. So now I can only wait for the winter. I can wrap my self in the quilt and just let it snow..... Lucky me.
I have been playing with colours and patterns, but I have only used the square in the square ruler. I think I have to use it more ,there are more pattern to make. But I think it has been a great start.
I have started on a new quilt too. We are some friends who are going to make this quilt. This is the first of six blocks. The name of the quilt are :Country Colletibles from The Chook Shed Pattern. It has been laying in my "just want to do" pile for at last two years.....but now I have started.
Now I just have to say: have a great day. I'm going to sit down and do the missing binding on my quilt and do the last quilting on the swap stitchery for that's a secret...
So take care and enjoy all your quilting......

Thursday, August 16, 2007


This is what was waiting for me on saturday morning. A huge stash of new fabrics. Mostly Halloween fabrics from Northcott and cosy winter flannel fabrics with lots of snow-men on it. It is just gorgeous.I just have to brig home with me some of the Halloween fabrics to play with. I will show you later.
May Britt has been organize our new pattern. A lot of them are stitchery pattern made by Gail Pan, I just love them. I found a lot I just have to make. I hope Gail will be making lots of new pattern. We even got some new from Leanne Beasley. She are coming to Trysil in october.quess who are going on her lessons. ;-)
This week I 'm going to play with a "new" ruler,the Square In A Square ruler. It is new for me,I have never tryed before. I have borrowed it from May Britt , but I think I need it. It is so fun to play with it.... May Britt just wait and see...I'm going to use all my fabrics I don't know why I buoght..Some times I buy fabrics who I don't know why I bought .. I'm not the only one ???

Just a littel peep to show you what I' m working on...... :-) I hope to show you more the next time .... At last I just want to show a photo of Jacob trying to say HELLO to all of you.

Have a great evening and enjoy your work. See you soon. :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have signed up on Donnas Secret Chistmas Swap.I just love christmas...and it is fun making something to a secred friend. Don't you want to join in ? just enter Donnas blog and read more.
May Britt has also nominated me to both the Rockin' Girl Blogger and Nice Matters Award...
She are so kind....I want to return it to her : Thank you for all your help and suport. You are a great friend and I hope you will get well soon.

I will also mominate Nemo for beeing so great to help me every time I cry out for help. BIG HUG to you. :)

I want also nominate Donna and Sweet P for organize both the Christmas Swap and the Stitcheri swap.
I also want to nominate every one of you nice girls who has let me be a blogger in your lovely bloggland. Thank you. :-)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to work

On my last day of vacation it was lovely weather and the colours are so sparkling.I love the colours in the autumn. And when the sky are blue ......just great.
Even my neighbours last strawberry ,as they asked me to pick, are glowing.( I'm not hard to ask when I can have it for a dessert.)

I have been seeing some of you have made cupscakes. And it seems so fun and so good so I just have to make some myself. I read in my cakebooks and I found one recipe. It was fun to make the cakes.....and even more fun make the decoration. :-) I will be making more cupscakes. I have to collect things to put on top of the iceing.
I even got mail on my last day of.... A Japanese magasine I had ordred , a " must have it" magasin. But it was great buying. Lots of great ideas. And the next block from " Angels sewing basket"
At the end of the day it was thunder and of course rain.....When the rain stop it looked like this. No wonder we belive in Trolls in Norway. I belive anyone can see a Troll in the fog. :-)

As May Britt has told you there are sale on Lille Stasjon now.And alle these lovely ladies were waiting outside the door when I came to work this morning.
Here are some photo from yesterday when we was making the sale ready. Some ladyes helped us to make 30 cm. We don't have fatquarter , we just tear 30 cm of the fabrics. My colleague and I decide witch fabrics to put on sale and they where working. Great girls.
May Britt needed some Q- vitamines so she playd with Chocolade.....The fabrics I meen. We put the rest of the fabrics on sale. It lasted not for long when we opened the doors to day. :-)
And look what we got in the mail ....... a lot of pattern from Gail Pan and some new from LeanneBeasley . I just love stitching and it is so fun to get new pattern . But it make me want to do even more....I belive May Britt had a great time when she was putt it all in order. I will shaw you wat a great pattern wall we got.....

But now I have to take some time and read in my book.....The Qulters Apprentice.

Good night and take care. :-)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Look what I got.....

Nemo come home yesterday... and look what she brought back to me.....I got lots of fabrics.One with cats and one with turkeys , mybe something to make a little atumn quilt of ?? Several with stars and flowers. And last but not to forgot some with "good medicine" on: cup cakes and chocolate. I must make me a cup cake quilt. :) I just have to find me a pattern.. mybe in a cook book ??

I also got to charm packs from Moda. Celebrate Spring and Roman Holiday.

Just love all the fabrics.

She had got a kit to me also." Lilys on the pond " from Wello Wood Marked in Bemidji. Great pattern with all I need to make it. It is made of cotton and wool. Exciting to try to make a tablerunner with wool.I have never done anything with wool.

Bemidji was the last place she was staying. The family of her boyfriend are from Bemidji and his grandmother are living there. Great place wirh lovely quilt shops she says.

I got some Japanese book to. A big book with 156 patchwork blocks made by Yoko Saito.And a book with great ideas and lots of " I just have to do it" pattern. I realy need more vacation. She also bought lots of beatiful pattern fore herself. And more fabrics. You just have to look on her blog....I can't forget all the lovely stuf she has got....And I think I have to be nice.....and hope to borrow. :-) As a matter of fact she promiced to let me borow. Some times I feel like I can not see anything without thinking .......must have..must have. I'm not the only one...I hope ???!!
She had bought some books to, and she belive I could read them..... I will give it a try. I have not been reading books in English since schooldays a loooooong time ago.But I manage to understand what the meanings are in quilt magasines. I can bring the Dictionary from the girls school days and read slowly. :-)

One of the book are a book from the series of Elm Creek. I have read about it in some blogs and it are a ....must have thing. In Norway we just have a few books abouth quilting ladies...(I have only read two in Norwegian.)
Wasn't she clever to get mutch " must have" news from her trip ???

And back to my things. I have finished my little leftover quilt. It turned out to be a strawberry quilt.The saying are from a poem of the Norwegian whriter Alf Prøysen , called "vise for gærne jinter" And the saying are : finn et strå og tre dem på. The poem are called: song to the crazy girls. But crazy as playfull.And the sayings are : find a straw and put it on. Mening to put the strawberrys on a straw...... not easy to translate. But the poem make me think of lazy summer days, hot sun and dryed grass, flowers, bees and sun-warm ,just picked strawberrys. I almost can smell it. Childhood memories.......
The rats are now back by Nemo. I have to admit I have spoiled them and they have not lost anny wheigth in there staying. But who care " grandmothers" are made to spoil... :-)

Now Nemo have to be hard and not give them anny " candies"

I just couldn't let them sleep by them selves when I saw they were lying on each others arms, I just have to take a photo.

This are my sewing room..... I have got a new window and I have to move everything in the room. But it was not all bad, I threw away a lot of leftovers and things I realy didn't need..... and something I didn't meent to threw away , but gone are gone and I don't miss it. Just remember it to late.I just love all my new windows..... I can wash them witout move every thing, just turn them. Easy to have clean windows, but will they be more clean? That's a another question.
When Nemo was away I got a book in the mail who belongs to her. I just have to make this doll quilt from it. I have all this 30-years repro fabrics laying with my quilting fabrics. And now I have a reason to use them. I have just made the top, but now it are ready to add backing and to quilt it. The book was American Doll Quilt. It was a lot of easy things to make... I have to take care of Jacob. He are going to get food and to be put in the carge for the night.

And I have some stitching to do..... To the stitchery swap, I make a stitchery to......Oh, no it is a secret.... :-)

Take care...