Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer work....

This summer has been a lazy sewing summer,hot,lot of visitors and a lot of things happen,but I have been playing a little with Magda and Grethchen..
We have been making pillows..
A great,fun way to test pattern and pratice quilting on Gretchen..
Some of the pillows end up in the livingroom.....and some lives a little more hidden life in my sewing area...  
In fackt I have done a lot more sewing but those items are not ready to show yet,so next time I hope to show more. 
Hugs :-)

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Part 3 ... The end of a busy weekend

This morning I startet to put the star together and adding the white fabric. With no pattern it had to be some try and add some more....
As you can see from my feet,it was a great hot day today...😉

Magda was a great help holding everyting on the table when I add the batting and back... 
After this Magda went for a rest ,while Gretchen was ready to do some work. She did a great job too. 
I love to play with these two girls...;-)
So after Magda did the last work,the binding,I manage to have me a new quilt made in one weekend. 
Thank you Donna for hosting this fun. Busy days,but so fun. 
Now I have about 8 meter of bindings to handsew .