Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Blocks.....

To day I got the first blocks done of a Norwegian BOM from a Hobby book club. It is a Langebraaten design. I belive it is the BOM of the year in Norway. I'm doing mine allmost all in blue, using fabrics from my stash.
Some week ago I got a visit from a friend, Kjerstin and she are doing Noah's Ark to. So we had to compare our blocs.Her are all in blue and mine are with old Debbie Mumm fabrics. I have made the top and are ready to quilt it. It will be my March finish, I hope.
I have been in Oslo visiting my girls, this time I (belive it or not) didn't visit Katrines Quiltestue, but I got me a new button. Hand made by Snella and Petronella. So now I need just the rigth thing to put it on....
I have done all my February BOM's. This are block 7 of Polka Dot Girl. So now I only got 5 more to do.I have only the stitchery left on all the other blocs, so by June I have to be finish.... Hopefully ;-)
This is the rest of my small BOM . As you can see they are all done.. It is so fun to do small blocs. Fast and easy to bring with you to visit a friend of to stitch when listening to TV.
Yesterday I went to visit Lapphøna. She asked if I wanted some coffe.... And of course I would take a walk in the sun to get that.It was such a lovely day, almost spring. All the down-hill-skiers must have had a great day in the hill.
She and Nico even came to meet me.. ;-) Look how mutch and white snow we got.The next time I'm going for a walk I have to bring my sunglasses.
More sun and snow... this time a look out on the river... I love winter when it looks like this and spring are just around the corner.....

Happy stitching untill next time...

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Utfordringa er slik:

1.Gå til foto/mapper.
2. Ta ut den 6. mappen og deretter det 6. bildet i denne mappen.
3. Sett bildet på bloggen og skriv noe om dette bildet.
4. Inviter 6 nye til å bli med på denne utfordringen.
5. Link til dem, og la dem vite at de er utfordret.

I got this challenge from a girl with the same name as me last week.
The saying are:
1. Go to your photos
2. Look in your 6.folder og then the 6. photo
3. put this photo on your blog and tell about it
4.challenge 6 more
5. Link to their blog and tell them ...

I got it from Laila. Thanks for thinking of me ;-)
But I will not challenge just 6 of you. I ask every one of you to do this and tell about the photo on your blogs.

My photo are from Annual meeting in NQF last year and it is my friend Lisbeth (no blog) with her beautiful Balitmore Quilt. It is realy funny that this photo was the one I should show , yesterday I got the bill from NQF to this years meeting. I'm looking forward to be a part of this happening once more.... All the great peoples and shops.... Wonder what I realy MUST have this year.... ;-)

More snow....

To day I have done my first finish wisp in february.Friendship's basket from Leanne's House. I started on it when Leanne was here in Trysil in 2007.So now I can relax and do all the other great free BOM's I collect . I have started to prepare A Tisket,A Tasket - Christmas Wish-Veranda Views and the last of Noah's Ark. Lot of fun for me to do when I listen on TV.
Here in Trysil it has been a lot of snow this weekend. Here are my husband using his rotary snow cutter. ( funny name- it came up when I translate Snøfreser- I want not use my rotary cutter on snow :-) It is the snow that came last nigth. Almost 35 cm.
The birdhouse has got a hat on. And the door are closed so the birds goes to the second floor to get somthing to eat.The birdhouse are filled with sunflower seed.Not mutch food to find out on the ground now.
I have done almost all of the pin cushions from Pincushion of the Month club. I'm working on Sara's Pin Cushions by Leanne now. It is one of my relaxing work. They have all been so fun to make. But now it is only two more to be waiting for. I wonder who has made the pattern of them... I love to do small items and yesterday day I got a wonderful parcel in mail...
My first projet from Giggle Club.A Butterfly Magic bag. And take a god look at the cute buttons to put on the bag. It will be so fun to make the bag.....I have to look at all my fabrics to find just the proper one for this one. I think I want to make me a great summer bag... I'm looking forward to sunnydays now,it is sooooo white outside... Not to complain but I realy want some colours now..... I want flowers, green gras and blue skyes...