Monday, August 30, 2010

Indian summer .... Soon ???

I have been on a day trip to my friend Lisbeth's (no blog) cabin.Her family has a beautifull cabin not far from here - with a lot of quilts.. But I didn't got photos from inside... I will show you next time I visit the cabin. I hope it will be soon. But I got a photo of the view. Isn't Trysil great ? ;-)
This summer there has been a challenge in my Quilt association. We got a small piece of the figured fabric -- and this is my little quilt. A little sewing boks with a lot of sewing tool. ( buttons)
If you go her you can see what the other did... Lots of great work.
I have also manage to do the 5. of the bags from the Bagalicious Club... Melly and Me great Sunrise bag . I have not been able to do the Wallet yet- but all the pieces are on my sewing table... So I promice it will be done ;-)... This is a great club hosting by Sarah at QFD. And I know the next bag are in mail .. More to look forward to ;-)))
I have also done the two first blocks of Lynette's In my Garden BOM. And yes I can't put them next to each other.... I used the same fabrics on the last border... I didn't notice untill it was all done .... I have to concentrate on the next block ;-)
Here where I live fall has realy put his foot down now... It has been a lot of rain and this nigth was cold. Below zero... Brrrrr... So I have to enjoy my indors flower... Jacob are tasting the berries on my " Kunskapens tre" I don't know the English or the Latin name of this flower...
But it taste like "shit" Jacob tell me ... and let it stay.. ;-))They told me in the Flower Shop it tasted bitter...
Soon I will be of to visit Emma and Peder for some days ( luckey me) and leaving Jacob with his Baby ( Bird) sitters ;-) I hope for great "Indian Summer" days.
I'm also like Nemo looking forward to Christmas... Thinking about what to make for my Secret Santa Christmas Swap friend.. Thanks to Donna who are running this once again ... I love all the fun of this swap...

So untill next time I hope you all will have great sunny days :-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer berry....

A long time ago there was a song named Puff the little dragon.. A sweet little song- and now I have my own little dragon ;-)
Peder and his mum has been staying at my house for a week, and it is so great to be abel to follow him on his way to be a big boy..
Late summer here in Norway means Wildberry....Realy yummy...Fore some Peder says.. He tried Blueberry for the first time here - not realy fresh from the woods- but as infant food.Overpraised I belive was his opinion. And the poor boy all dressed in pink... It is hard to be a boy in a girls world ;-)
This is the second summer for Emma - so she know how to enjoy wildberry.... Strawberry and raspberry are her favorite. Here she are in deep concentration over a bowl of raspberry...
She could not put the bowl down untill it was all clean and free from all the berry with vanilla kesam. ;-)
Emma has entered nursery school... So now it is realy working days for her had her mum, but it seems like Emma enjoy to be with all the children;-)
Luckey for me I will be visting them both soon :-)
On my sewing area there has been lazy days for a while now ..... put I have some " want to do"- items... one of it are this great little wallquilt by Red Brolly. The pattern are in Homespun no.86.Vol.11 No 7. So on my last stay in Oslo I had to take a trip to Katrines Quiltestue for fabrics. ( nice excuse ;-)) I manage to get me some more just need items. Two small Schnibbles pattern - some new Seasons thread - a green fabric ( just because...) and hexagon flowers from Busy fingers...
I have also got some great mail .... Lynette Andersons new book It's Quilting Cats & Dogs... Oh -- It is soo great - I want to do a lot from it. Wonder where to start. .... So I realy have to rush to my sewing area and start to work ..... ;-)
I even got this DVD in mail. I won a giveaway on Sue Daley's blog...Lot of more ideas I want to try... Thank you Sue - I have to start something soon... ;-)

So now I almost wait for bad weather with rain and wind... great sewing weather .... so I can start to work on some of my new ideas. Hope I will be able to show something next time.. Soon I hope :-)