Monday, June 25, 2012

Abyquilts Challenge

Some days ago Abyquilt showed some of her purses and  asked to show what other blogers had to store items in.... Well I have a lot...a LOT...Here are some to start with, for "grab and set of"sewings..Almost all that is, the green one with my name on are not a "just brigth new" one. My mother made that on for me to bring my gym clothes in at school - some years ago :-)
Here are more smal bags for projects and one for my coffe mug ... I use it at the quilt meetings...when i remember to bring a mug...
Here are some of my sewing items for daily use in the living room....
Diffrent needel keepers... a IPad cover with matching cellfone purse... Just what a travelling girl need ;-)

More realy need items... a big box for my knitting plans...a small christmas box- with a started christmas tree ball - form Arne & Carlos - in it. It must stay in the christmas box. Don't you agree...A crochet box - made from fabric - for my coasters, and a box for my "every day"napkins..

 I have a lot of small purses- I love to make them-Some of them are just a challenge for me to make them and some are done just because I just had to do them...
more purses...some are for money and some are done for the fun fabric, the little brown in front are for bringing tea-bags in... Not used werry often... I drink a lot of coffee.. :-)
More needels keepers... Hmmm I do have a lot... :-)

Needel keepers,,,and one for the sissor...  The little one in front are a gift...a verry usefull is for toothpickers... ;-))
In the end there are a photo of the two last items I have done-- yesterday.A littel purse with a coffee cozy. I "found" an old fabric with this saying on it, so I need to make this just for me.. Sewing and coffee are some of my best friends :-)