Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SCSS 2011...

This Cristmas I got a lot of great pressents, and as mutch as three from Australia. I got this great surprice from Donna - Chookyblue. Thank you for every thing- now I can look and dreem about getting there all through the year ;-) Her cards are so beautifull so I just have to have them for my self.
I got a Kangaroo jumping all the way from Beth in Australia bringing SCSS gifts to me.. I love this pincushion....
This are all the great gifts I got from Beth, the Higlandhen.Thank you - I love it all.
I even got a big parsell from Lisa, Cubbyhousecraft.Look at all the great gifts she made for me :-)
No wonder I feel spoiled. Thank you so mutch both my SCSS partners and a big hug to you Donna for making all this fun happen :-)
I was so blessed this Christmas, I got a lot of great pressent - a lot of new fabrics and sewing items- a lot of great gifts - but the greatest joy was to be able to spend the BIG evening with the most important peoples in our family- Emma and Peder :-)

Hugs from LAILA

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cristmas time..

It is starting to look as Christmas here in my home,the wallquilt I won on Red Brolly's giveaway are on the wall. It is beautifull- so thanks again Bronwyn.It is goig to be a long Christmas here :-)
Yesterday I got a big parsell at the post office. It almost took all the space at the" Spark" But I manage to get it home with me...
Blogline are plying with my photos,, so the one I want to show at last - didn't want to wait.. It is the christmas tree I have by the birds house.. It was lovely when it got snow on it- so I hope for more snow :-)
Ok - back to the big parsell... It was the Baby Go I won at Joy's giveaway... To big win in to days- I doubt it ever will happen to me again :-) I had to try my Go Baby last nigth. It was so fun and easy-- So now I got a lot of new ideas to work on at the new year. Thank you Joy, I love it :-)
I have been making Christmas gifts so fare in desember... A little Cat wall quilt......
The fifth of Christmas Challenge from Lappemor..
And this table runner after an idea from a Swedish quilt magacine......

At the end I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...
I'm of to bed now, decoration almost done...and Emma and her mum are here- Peder are comming to morrow with his parents. I'm so blessed :-)

Big Christmas hugs to you all .. Laila

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A great parcel....

To day I got a lovely message in my mail box: I have got a letter to big for my mail box... So I had to put on more clothes and walk to the postoffice... hmm actual I ride with Vigdis one way.. And yes it was one of the great gifts I won at a giveaway. This I got from Red Brolly....
At home I started to open it at once... First the packet was green....
and when I poend it I found a red pack....
when I open the red one I found a white one... Then I start to remember an old song , Eh... Old and old... Ok.. from some years ago... Little boxes... In the song they sing about boxes in all colours...
Back to the pack ... in the white pack I found this beautifull quilt. I love it and can't wait to show it to all my friends.. Thank you Bronwyn for giving this to me:-) It will be on my wall from Advent start untill easter , as we says here in Norway: Christmas last all the way to easter:-)
Here you can see a close up photo. As you can see I even got a beautifull card and a pad.( who I don't belive I can use. It is so great)

Have a great evening, I have to sit quilet and just enjoy my gift.
Thanks again Bronwyn , I wish I could have been able to give you a big hug :-)

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The sun are always shining somewhere....

Last weekend I went on a trip to see the sun ....Yes I went to Nice to visit my brother and his family, and I did see the sun. It was as warm and yellow as it use to be in "old days" here in Trysil too :-) This summer has been a non risk for sunburn. So it was lovely to feel the sunshine at my face :-)
The plane left Norway in a hurry - thanks to Berit the storm who realy played at our coast. When we flew over the Alps we got this beautifull view.Not mutch snow to see, but sunny weather:-)
I had some realy great surprises when I was at my trip... I won some- eh-2 big giveaways.. It is almost like I feel a little ashamed by my luck... but I'm soo happy... I can't wait to show you the great prizes. Ok I will tell -I won both at Bronwyn and Joys blogs.. And when I got home there was even more gifts waiting for me , from my SCSS partners.I got two this year. I got this beautifull little bag from Lisa + a gift for under the Christmas tree....
And this sweet little bird + a Christmas gift ( for under the tree) from Beth. It is going to bee a long time to wait untill the 24. when I can open the gifts. Thank you both Lisa and Beth and not to forget Donna, who are making all this fun happen:-) Lucke for me I live here in Norway -so I can open my gifts on Christmas eve... :-)
I have only one big worry... Nemo tell me I don't deserve a gift from her, I have got to mutch... Wonder if she REAL mean that.... :-/
If you wonder why I just love to see the sun - take a look at this photo. This was what waited for me when I got home.. Grey sky and snow. I'm soo pleased we got snow atlas- it don't look so dark outside and IT is wintertime... :-)
Have a great Advent time.
I will be back when I got my great gifts in my home ... Hurry up mail man :-))

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Angles and mice....

I have been playing a lot with Angels and mice lately.Great pattern from AnnAka. This is one of the Angels from the pillows. I have used it on an Advent Calendar for Emma , so she can get one small gift every day in Desember untill the 24 and our big gift evening :-)
Here you see some of my mice - I have made this tablerunner as a Christmas gift for.... Oh no.. Hehe.. Still AnnAka pattern... Wow she are a great pattern maker... :-)
This Desember has been strange so far. not mutch snow and cold . But some great mornings.Look at trhis beautifull sky. We are so luckey in Norway that the sun get up so late so even I are able to se the beauty it makes :-)
There are a lot of busy "people" eating the food on my birdshouse. I love to watch them . Hoping that I give them a great day- as they make mine :-)

I will spend my Advent with more angels... Yes - another AnnAka patter.. The lady keep me realy busy.. Hope to show you what I'm working on next time. Untill then enjoy Advent and remember to take some breakof...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Focus on Christmas

I'm focus on Christmas gifts and SCSS gifts this days. My SCSS items are almost done,less than one hour work left to do... I have also manage to do some small items "just because"This is my new Angel-pillow." Myke puteengler" a AnnAKa pattern ( soft pillow angles) I love the pattern so I had to give it a try.It suit beside my old Snowman pillow.Just need some snow outside now, then there will be Christmas feeling in my house.
I still play with my selvages... here are three small purses from leftovers...Two for Christmasgift and one for me ... :-)
I got a new Mollie makes magasine in my hand last time I was in Oslo. This time there where a kit for making buttons.Cute buttons..
Here are a close photo... Wonder when I shall use them:-)
I have also made me a new tablerunner. Another AnnAKa pattern. This time from a Norwegian quilt magasine. Quiltemagasinet.
But now I'm off to make more Christmas gifts - I have a lot of bindings infront of me..

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Meet my new little friend. I just had to try to do this little guy, he was so funny and easy to make so I belive he will got more friends.Hmmm may be some small Christmas gifts??
The Ocktober challenge are also done :-) I love the fabrics with the flowers and the deers.So now Lappemor we are ready for your next parcel....
All my stars are done to... It turned out to be "Annas lille veggteppe" ( Annas little wallquilt) Another great pattern from AnnAKa. I manage to do all of it just from my Japanese fabrics.And ther are still plenty left.... HmmmmKobling
This is the most beautifull outdoor bird I know here in Norway , a Bullfinch. There has been three of them living in my garden all through the summer. I took this photo some week ago when we got snow. The snow are gone for now, but it will be back... Sooner or later..
Untill it happen - have a great fall/spring.. :-))


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still around...

I know I'm still a lazy blogger.... but at last Magda and I have been playing.. Some one told me about some ladies who sew stitchery with their sewing machines, so I had to try it, and I manage to do it- or Magda did. So this table runner are all made by Magda. I belive I will try stitching with her again some time, there are only one problem - I can't stitch and watch TV :-)
My flower from last post has got finish too. It was the flowers for a cloth. I found the pattern on Debbie Mumms Facebook side. A sweet great, pink canser project.
There are diffrent animal life in my garden. This time it is the squirrel who says "Hello" and grab some Sunflower seed. The snow came and left again- so there are still fall and fog around here...
By the way I have found me a new "must have"magasine. Mollie makes are filled with new ideas and a lot to read.. And it come with kits :-) Look at this cute little porch I made from the latest number. Next number got buttons.. Guess who must have it...
I wish you could have seen my flor to nigth.. I got 4 tablerunnere lying on it...Some ready for binding ( not mine) and some ready to quilt (mine)To morrow I will have a quilt-day.. A lot to show you later... Did you notise I say Later - not soon :-D And I have some SSCS projects going on ..
So back to work.. see you later.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Playing with flowers and stars....

The last week I have been busy playing with flowers and stars - and stated to stitch again after a -for me- long break. I have manage to do this months callenge with the Christmas fabrics Vigdis and I got from Lappemor. Stars of course and I used the leftovers for a little table mat. So now I can just relax and wait for the next mailing... :-)
I have also made a little tablerunner from left overs I got from my mum... More flowers. Fun and easy to make - Vigdis has borrowed the pattern,and I can't remember who made it. But it is Norwegian.
Yesterday I got some real flowers - aren't they beautifull :-)They are on my table and brighten my day, and I need to remember the summer who never came... Now it is dark outside early in the evening and cold. Just now it is about - 2 degrees outside. Brrrrr it will soon be snow and winter.
Back to my flowers and stars- here are more of what I'm playing with during my days... I have some stitcherys done to match my stars and the flowers are almost done... The last project I just had to try was to make stitcherys with Magda ( my sewing machine) and it worked out fine.. fine for me that is - as the first attempt...
So now I hope to have a lot more to show you soon... I will have a sewing week in front of me- before I'm of to have some fun with Emma and Peder ....

Have a great week end. Hope to see you soon :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trip to Bergen...

I have been(are?) a lazy blogger,but I have been busy. Organize my fabrics and my sewing room,I deside to cut the selvage of from all my fabrics, so I easy can start to play with them. My head are spining with new ideas... So when I was in Bergen , for the first time, of'course I have to look after some funny one. What to do with the fabrics I don't know... Her you can see the famous Wharf of Bergen.
And here are the view from the Hotell where we where staying. Next year NQFs annual meeting are taking place here. So you ladies in Norway, who are comming, you have a lot of fun in front of you:-)
Blogline and I have a discussion about in witch order my photo come to the blog( I loose...)
But any whay. This is a little bag I made for Nemo, with selvage of'course.. Most of them from her fabrics...
So back to Bergen.. Look at this great Pirate ship... But there was no Pirate to see.....
More selvages... a lot more... a Mug Rug for me.. Can you see the cute birds and elephants...No you can see why I look for cute selvages...
a little purse, this time with ties from diffrent shops.I whish every shop got one with their name on it... A new item to collect :-)
.... the front of the purse... A Lynette Anderson pattern. ( she got the cute birds on her fabrics- by the way)
Two mug rugs for Peder- to put his bottle on. A need for a very young man :-)
A need for a grand mother (me).. I got the selvage from this lovely frabrics from Nemo,and it remind me of The Beatles and my youth, so I had to collect more "look a like"- selvages and make me this little pouch.

So now with almost all of my fabrics tidy,I can start to ponder what to make next... Chritmas present... Hmmm a great idea...

Have a great weekend - I know mine will shine... Tell you more next time.
Hugs :-)