Wednesday, December 28, 2016

SSCS 2016

I have been a part of Elf Donnas SSCS for ten years. And this year I got this beautifull gifts from
Anthea ( hibiscus stitches
Luckey me needed a new pouch ,and got this beauty. I love the sissor and measure tape
to. I can never got enough of them. 
I even god more poppy fabrics, so now I have to make me somthing of that too. :-)
Thank you Anthea you have realt spoiled me. 
And a big Thank you to Chookyblue who are hosting this swap over and over again. 
As these Christmas days runs so fast I want to wish you all a Happy New Year  
a little early this year. 
May you all have a great,fun and luckey 2017. 
Hugs :-)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas around the corner.....

As it is close to Christmas,I have put up some of my " old" Christmas wallquilts.
This are a beautifull one,made by Red Brolly herself. Lucky me won it some years ago. 
As I have told before I got a gift from Nemo every sunday in advent. This box and kit 
are from the third sunday.I desided to do these small stitcheries at once,and to make somthing
from them..
......and here they are,new Christmas costers. ( I belive the pattern are made by  Nothern Quilts) 
On the last sunday of advent I got these great items...another box and Christmas tree decorations from Liberty and Starnucks.Thank you ,Nemo... next year too ?... ;-)
I have manage to do some small items for me ,not just making gifts
for mot friends and family. 
Two small tablerunnere and a little knitting bag. Both are from the Norwegian magazine
Quiltemagasinet. They where fun and easy to do. So now I look forward to the next nr.
of the magazine...
I play with yarn as well as fabrics ( most of the time with fabrics) Knitting 
are more easy to bring with me and I love to try new pattern.The Christmas mittern
are a mystery from a Facebook book page. 
And the yarn dyeing made by me :-) Realy fun to do. I use food coloring. 
Now I have to find a great pattern to knitt....
There has been some beautifull days before Christmas where I live. 
It is almost like live in a Christmas card. 
I hope you all will have a great Christmas - with a lot of quilting and knitting. 
God jul :-) 

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Closer to Christmas ...

ØTo day I got a lovely parsel in my mailbox. 
My SSCS gift.... all the way from Australia..
In side there was two gifts, one to open at once and one to put under my Christmastree.. 
In the little gift there was a tree.. a beautifull little treeornament. 
I hope it is OK for my partner if I copy the idea and make 
me more!? 
Thank you for the gifts my SSCS partner and thank you Elf Donna 
for making this fun happen :-)

Sunday, December 04, 2016

2.sunday of Advent.

There are just a little snow where I live,and soon it is Christmas...only 20 more nights. A lot to make and a lot to bake... busy fun days getting every item and gift ready. Some gifts have to go in Mail and some I have to bring myself. Talking about gifts and gift for my SSCS partner are in Mail and on it's way out in the world.. 
This are the second year Nemo and I are making ( buying) gifts to each other. 
Look what great surprises I have got. 
On the first sunday I got this cute box filled with memories from our London trip. 
4 thimbles from London. Luckey me :-)
On the second sunday ,to day,I got another tiny box, this was filled with 
buttons to mark my knitting and quilting items. I got one more memory item 
From the trip,a Harry Potter bookmarking. Almost to great to use. It deserve to be used 
In a " stay at home book" Thank you Nemo :-)
And this is not the end of the fun... I still got two more gifts waiting for me..
I'm so looking forward to open them... :-) 
I hope every one have a great advent,busy getting every thing ready for 
Christmas evening og day.. 
Have a great time and take time to have some fun. :-) 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

New ideas...

Sometimes it feels great to do some small items. This little tablerunner are a result of a great stitchery ( pattern by AnnAka) and a mini charm pack.When I found this beautifull fabric with the birds,I new I had one Christmas gift almost done. 
Tablerunners are great to make,and I have been looking at this book on Internett for a while. So when Siw from Quiltegården visit Elverum Quiltelag,it had to come home with me.It came with the other book,filled with diffrent small items.More for Christmas gifts ? I Even got me some new fabrics to play with....
Yesterday the mailman bring with him more ideas and want to do items... Two great books,filled with ideas and " oh I just have to make/ try this" So now I have to get me a lot of sewing time... 
My SSCS gift for 2016 are almost done,and will soon be in Mail. AS you can se on the photo below... I'm going to send it to......some one in a diffrent country last year ,and the year befor that..and so on.. I have done it for 10 years now... Thank you Elf Donna for hosting this swap once again...

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Home and away....

I have been traveling a lot these last weeks. My first trip was to London with my youngest daugther. We where going to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexsandras Palace. It was for the first time for both of us....
And the fun started as soon as we where at the Tube when these guys startet to play and sing. 
Early next morning we started towards the show,we where wondering how to get from the Tube to Alexandra Palace,but when we got out on the street we saw this " taxi" . Yes we tok the seat in the front on the top ! 
The show was great, filled with fabric and yarn and everything you could need to play with both. My eyes keep looking at this beautifull window. An idea for som Paper Piecing ?
The winner quilts from the show in Birmingham where in the Galeries ...
Also a winner from Birmingham. 
After spending two days at the show,we started to explore London. First importen stop for a big fan of Dr. Who, the blue call box...
Another big Must Visit : plattform 9 3/4 - both of us big Harry Potter fan...
Then it was time to go to Buckingham Palace.... we made it to the Queens shop too...and there was the most beautifull thimble... sorry to say I need a prince to get it. It was not for my purse.....
We manage to go to the Liberty shop and a lot of other shops too. 
Our last day in London we spend at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I saw this little fellow there. It is a wonder I manage to take some photo there... we went to see -and hear-You Say You Want a Revolution? Exhibition. Wow was a step back to my teenage. All that happend between -66 and -70 The music, the wars,peoples on the moon,Woodstock,Beatles,the Who, Watergate.... I would love to see it once again,the Exhibition I mean. 
At home it looked like this , snow are gone long as it last..

Only home for some days,then of again,this time for France visiting one of my brothers. Lovely summer weather.   This time I travel with my youngest brother,and the two of us tok some trip with train...

We spend one day walking in Cannes... looking around...
and one day in Nice... 
It was great to just walking around and beeing a tourist :-) 

And Yes I did some shopping at Alexandra Palace...just take a look...  :-)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Trying to make a great photo....

Last week I did all the binding of Baker's Dozen. The block of the month from Today's Quilter magazine.It is a Jen Kingwell design. Fun to sew,but a lot of blocks. 72 all together. 
 was thinking of getting a beautifull (?) photo outdoors on a cold morning.Not a easy project...this got to dark

At this one I suddenly got some rainbow...( to mutch colours ?) 

This one got to dark shadows...

Getting closer on this one,I got a little plant with ice on the leaves,but not mutch of the quilt...After I tok the last photo I went back in doors...cold on my fingers and toes.
Early mornings are not my best time of the day trying to take great photos. If ever....

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Where did the summer of 2016 go...

Here are some photos from this summer ,realy they are spring flowers,but for me this is how the summer was... busy,fun and a lot of great family time. 
So suddenly I have to realize it is fall and time to start to think about Christmasgifts....

This great Village Sewing Trio in Wool ,a Hatched and Patched pattern,are one of the great gifts I got in my Advent Calendar last year. I manage to make it during summer. Now it is time to start what to put in this years Calendar for Nemo....
Sometime I wonder why I bother to hide all my Christmas decorations...the year run so fast :-)
I have manage to play with some pattern and fabrics.... I love to play with Jen Kingwells great pattern.The way she play with colours and fabrics are so me. It feels so great to play with all my leftovers and all my " why did I buy this"fabrics. The little tablerunner are a test of A Step Behind pattern from her Jenny From One Block book,I had to do somthing with some small leftovers. I got the book because I have to make the Halo quilt. I'm working on it in a slow progress. A comfort work.
The Chrcle Game below,are another of my comfort work. All done by hand in slow progress ,2.5 year so fare,but I have started to quilt it now. I hope it will be ready to use by Christma

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Suddenly almost spring....

I'm still alive ,but I can't tell where this winter went... It has been a short,busy winter for me.Looking around the house it seems as I'm the UFO -queen. Lot and lot of ufo's all over the livingroom and my sewing area.... 
I have mange to do some finish,like this miniature. One of the great kits from Sew Hots block of the month. I love to get a new little kit in mail every month. 

This miniature are one of my " just for fun" items. I have been playing with Gretchen on this...
On Facebook I'm with a great group of ladies starting to sew Modern Quilts. All these are made as a miniature challenge. The one with the arrows are from my last blog...a looong time ago.. The one with blue binding are after an idea from Love Patchwork and Quilting. The four small blocks are made from fabrics printed by me. I must do more of that.The last two are the same pattern,I had to try how colours and fabrics change the look on blocks.
I'm a part of The Splendid Sampler Facebook group. There are a lot of ladies all over the world who are sewing these small,6",blocks. Two blocks every week for a year. Total 100 blocks. 
I had to make this house block for the Splendid Sampler look like the little quilt store I worked in some years ago. 
I hope to bee back soon,no promise notthing ...but hope so. May bee I manage to finish some of my ufo's soon. 
Untill then stay safe and have fun :-)