Wednesday, December 23, 2009


These days there are Christmas trees on every corner, this was one I saw when I was in Oslo a week ago. From a distance it looked great, but it was fake. Made by steel. Big steel snowballs. :-)
There has been realy busy days lately, but now the Christmas peace has come to our home. It has been realy winter ourside- more than 30 degrees bellow zero one day, and most of the week with - 20 or more. So Emma have been staying inside most of the time. Just some small trip in the car. Luckey for here she had great new knitted coat with socks and cap. It will be her first Christmas- so guess who got a lot of presents....
Cyan hope there will be some for her too. It looks like she are going to sleep next to all the gifts to night..
I have not only been a lazy blogger- I have also not been able to finish mutch in the quilting world. Almost all I have manage to do are Christmas gifts and can not be shown here... Only these little purses. They are for bringing your favorite tea-bags. I had to make three, two to give away and one for myself. Great idea. I found the idea on Among the Gum Trees blog. Thank you for all the great christmas ideas.
At the end I want to give all in blogland a big Christmas hug and hope you all will have a great Christmas. Now it is in the middle of the nigth here in Trysil, all dark outside, so Santa are free to
come with gifts to all.

Have a Merry Christmas all of you in blogland.


StarQuilt said...

Håper du koser deg med Emma. Malin kommer hit i morra. Da blir det jul.
GOD JUL, vi sees på nyåret. Klem, Kjerstin

mreteveian said...

God jul til deg og dine!

Vigdis said...

God Jul til dere alle sammen.Kos deg med familien. Vi treffes sikkert en gang i romjula :)

Lappestua said...

God jul til deg også!

Arlette said...

Mele Kalikimaka to you and your family, Laila! I hope Santa brought you everything on your wish list and more!

Sheila said...

You have so many lovely things on your blog - beautiful :)

I love the Teddy Stitchery you made for your Swap Angel, Peg. Please can you tell me who is the designer . . . I would love to stitch it. Thank you :)

Maria said...

What a beautiful warm Jacket, hat and shoes the baby has on. Loks so cosy.
The tea purses are a great idea. I must make some too.
What a lovely parcel you sent to Peg.

Sarah said...

I'm gla your holidays are happy! Emma has gotten so much bigger and looks cuter than ever. She looks great in her coat with matching accesorries- very nordic!

Anonymous said...

Hei Laila!

Ønsker deg og dine et riktig godt Nytt År!
Så nydelig strikkesett Emma har fått til jul. Og du har også fått mye fint.Vi sees den 12.hos meg.

Klem fra Grethe.