Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back "home"

Many years ago my father made this little bed for some of us childs. I can't remember if it was for me or some of my brothers,but to day it came home home to my house. There has been other kids who has been using it for years.
To day Emma and I have been making the bed so Emma can go to sleep in the bed her great-grandfather made years and years ago. He died last week and his funeral was yesterday,so this realy are a great memory.
I made the little quilt for Emma when she was little girl,now she are a big girl at 4 years. Wonder if the bed deserve a special little something to think about.
Take care and have a great day everybody. Hugs :-)


Grethe said...

Kondolerer Laila!
Sengen må jo vare I mange år til, så fin den er, et flott minne.
Super basket-quilt,den varer nok i mange år den også :-)Ha en fin vårtid fremover.

Andrea said...

How lovely x

May Britt said...

Sengen har jo allerede et flott teppe. Og tror nok at Emma koser seg i den :)

Jo in TAS said...

Sorry for your loss but what a beautiful keepsake to treasure.

Marit said...

Kondolerer - sender positive tanker :) Sengen er jo kjempegøy å ha, flaks at ingen av brødrene ville ha den :) Takk for sist, forresten. Tar en kaffe ved neste korsvei, som vi har snakket om lenge.