Thursday, August 02, 2012


This summer has so fare been wet,it has been raining almost every day. And for me it has been Busy,fun and busy. I have send a lot of the time with the girls and the kids. 

But I have manage to do some quilting. I have used almost all of the blocs from a Bom from Lappemakeriet. I made two Quilts , one small one for 
Peder. A firemann quilt. It seems as he liker it,so 
I hope he will be useing it a lot.

 The other blokk turned info a bigger quilt. Just because. I have no plans with this one,yet. But now 
I got one 
UFO done. :-))

I have also manage to do one of AnnaKa's new pattern. Soffasyerske. Realy usefull :-)

 I have also been playing with cotton yarn... I have some ideas with them,hope to show you soon, But it seems my days still are running fast...lost of ideas and lot of fun just in front of me..

I have been visiting my family in Alvdal. Not verry far from where I live,But there has been a long time since my last visit. The last photo are from there cabbin in the montain. Great view.

Hope I will be back in blogline soon,I have mutch more almost done, untill then.tacke care. 


Julie Fukuda said...

Those are both so pretty, I am sure they are happy not to be UFO any more. Those crocheted squares look like a rainbow to go with the rain you are having.

May Britt said...

Remember to take a breath and take care of yourself now!!!

Vigdis said...

Heldig som har hatt Emma og Peder på sommerbesøk. Får ikke hjelpe om det regner da ;))

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

Du har fått kosa deg litt til tross for dårlig vær, ser jeg :-) Nydelig quilt, og kjempesøte bestemorruter :-)
Ha en flott ny uke,
mvh Laila