Thursday, August 24, 2017

More from The Festival of Quilts

I have to show you more of all the great Quilts. I had to take some close up photos of some details..
Diamonds Last Forever 
Linda Forey,UK
I spy a lot of Kaffe Fasett fabrics... a great way to use them.
Dancing with the Stars
Susan Gray ,UK 
Oh, I hope to make me a quilt like this one ....some beautifull day :-) 
Autumn in Fairyland
Jeannine Lambrechts. 

I love this one ❣️
Look at all the details...
More details...
And more... wow thats a lot of work !
Whole World.
Kate Crosseley, UK

I could have looked at this quilt forever..
I have never seen a quilt with so mutch on it... some of this item could have been from my stach...

Tarot cards... name it.. it was there..  I love this one too...
St.Joseph. I'm home from Italy.
Laura Di Cera. 

This quilt look almost like a painting. Wow..

The last quilt I will show you are the sadest quilt I have ever seen: 
the Women's Quilt 2017
All the small piecses are memory blocks,To honor and remember the 598
women killed by their partnersor expartners between 2009 and 2015 in England and Wales.


Julie Fukuda said...

That first one really caught my eye ... stunning! And those garden elves ... so cute.

RandiT said...

Så mye fint dere fikk se da og flott at du deler med oss andre :)