Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running days..

Days are running almost too fast- or I have too mutch I want to do... I have a lot of things I want to do - a large pile of fabrics I want to use and plenty of new patterns and ideas it would had been soo great to do. But I'm not the only one who got plenty of "want to do" items I guess.
Still I manage to buy me some new Quilt magasines this weekend. With more new ideas... Emma also found great pictures on the front of the latest of Love of Quilting magasine.

The last weeks I have got a little "snow-baby" outside in garden. The snow lump looks like a little baby if you have a great imagination. May be it is going to be a snowman when it grows up :-)
But back to what I have manage to do..... One more finish from the Stitching club.. A little Gail Pan stitcery "My Sweet Home"This Stitchery of the Month Club has been soo fun with all the great pattern. I'm working on the last one now while I'm watching/ listening to the OL winter games... It is going to be a lot of hand sewing the next two weeks.
I have made two Toilet bags also this month. I made several as christmas gifts,but there was some one who didn't got one. :-) It is a fun and easy AnnAKa patten.
I have been so luckey to get some great gifts. A lovely little needlecase from Karen. Thank you soo mutch ;-) I love to get new needlecases to my collection. And this was a great surprise to get in mail.
And this beautifull "pulsvanter" ( mitten without fingers) from Lapphøna. She are such a great knitter. Take a look at her blog. Thank you - I love them ... ;-)
I have got some more great mailings... The last kit from the Stitching Club- Lynette Andersons pattern Strawberries and Cream. ( my TV woork) and the first kit from The Bagalicious club.Also in progress.

If I look at my sewing desk there are a lot of "almost done" items... So to morrow I will try to start my sewing mashine and do some more items ready for hand sewing- still a lot of OL events to listen to. :-)


Vigdis said...

En må tidlig krøkes den som flink quilter skal bli, Emma ligger allerede godt an.
Koselig at du likte pulsvantene :)

Sarah said...

Emma is so big! She is sitting up reading magazines! She'll be ready to knit and sew any day now ;)

StarQuilt said...

Gojenta Emma. Det er bra at det er flere enn meg som har mange ting på lista. Bare det blir mildere så kroppen funker så skal det nok bli fart på tingene. Ha en fin vinterferie. Sees til uka? Klem.

Guðrún said...

You are teaching Emma to read the right magazines :)

Hanne said...

Jeg synes du er produktiv jeg :-)
Kanskje du får deg en quiltevenn i Emma etterhvert ?

Siddis-in-houston said...

Så mye flott du lager. Den stitcheryen var nydelig!