Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Small finishes and big secrets...

Emma has a big secret to tell Peder... and a lot to learn him... the seret is.... It is soon Cheristmas. Emmas second - Peders first. :-)
Peder are practice his crawling.... May be Emma has told hin about all the gifts under the tree??
I know it will be a lot of gifts for them both... and some for the rest of us too.... LoL

I know I got a lot of secrets in my Advent calendar. I'm so luckey to get the calendar from Quiltegården as a gift. I had to order two of my santas to guard it. No peeping - I promice ;-)
It shuold have been some guarding on the coffetable saturnday. Quess who helped him self with some chocolate when I walk my quests to the front door... Jacob just had to get some Saturday candy...

Last month I was soo lucky to win a gift from OPAM 2010.Look what I got...Christmas Jingles a pattern from Natalie Ross- Great fabrics ( I think what to make of them ..) -Message Pads and a pen. Thank you Kris and Peg for hosting this. I love my gifts ;-)
Talking about OPAM 2010 - I manage to do some more small finish this monath. Larry the Lamb , a wool pincushion.It is almost to sweet to use. I have to play more with wool- it is fun and easy :-)
I have done some tiny stitcheries... to decorate for Christmas.Happy holidays from Blueberry Backroads. As a member of SSCS 2010 I'm going to get more to put on the tree. :-)
At last I want to show you what I have been doing to day.. I took May Britts challenge and start to make Mug-Rugs. Great little christmas gifts.. and a fun way to use some of my leftovers. But the more I make - the more new ideas I get....
The Rug in front has a stitcery I got in a class with May Britt some weeks ago. So thank you May Britt for giving me all this inspirasjon... To morrow I'm going to start making more Rugs... There are more leftovers crying to be used..

Have a great Advent with lots of Christmas spirit ;-))


May Britt said...

So you got on the Mug Rug wagon too :) I told you they were addictive.
Emma and Peder have something to look forward to the next weeks :)

Helen Stubbings said...

just peeking down your chimney, hugs ,Helen

Grethe said...

Nå var det mye å lese hos deg;så
hyggelig!! 2 søte småbarn også,
det blir nok liv når julekvelden kommer. Pen adventsduk,håper Jacob
ikke lager flekker!! Ha en koselig